Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Bizzy Miz Lizzy

Some of Lizzy's recent activities:

  • This past weekend she doled out her first kiss! Mommy was the lucky receiver--if you call a slobbery, loose-lipped baby mouth pressing against your face lucky. (and, let's face it, only a mom would)
  • "bah-bah" can mean anything from: banana, baby, and bye-bye to: broom, bread, butterfly, and even strawberry
  • Loves the broom and watching me sweep
  • Tried coloring/scribbling with big crayons for the "first" time today (we've tried to get to color at restaurants, but she only wants to eat the crayons, or throw them). She still doesn't quite get it yet, even with the big crayons. Those bright colors look so yummy!
  • Torments our cat daily, much to the cat's chagrin. Kitty's pretty good overall, but Kitty did actually bite Lizzy this past Sunday. I freaked out and was picturing having to take her to the hospital with some kind of weird, tracking-up-her-arm infection. We quickly busted out the anti-b and the rubbing alcohol and swabbed her til the cows came home. (How's that for first aid?) Dad was so calm. Baby was too. All was well. ahhh
  • She got her first MegaBlock set. Oooooh, fun. Especially sitting IN the tub on top of the blocks---sheer baby heaven.
  • She's saying mama more. I think she's starting to understand that when she says mama I'll respond. so darn cute. so darn scary.
  • We played over at our friend's house yesterday and discovered the joy of tiny little river rocks! O, they looked so yummy. (again with the colors) Mommy is such a spoil-sport and always has to ruin her adventurous dining intentions.
  • Also at the friend's place, she found great joy in tormenting their dog. (all fur friends take note)
  • She is such a flirt. She really likes one of daddy's buddies, and I caught her making eyes and sideways grinning at him during the BBQ on Sunday. (oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear oh dear...) (perhaps we should channel that tormenting animals thing to tormenting boys instead. hmmmm...)
  • She's decided that she doesn't want to nap lately. much to mommy's chagrin! So, we are seeing, or rather hearing, a whole lotta crying up in the crib these past afternoons. sigh.

Here's what's up with Mommy:

  • The cat is driving mommy absolutely bonkers and sometimes I want to torment it myself. (no, that's wrong)
  • Working from home is going well overall. I've had some login issues and had to call IS only a couple of times (grrr) but...the work itself is fine. I get so much stuff done at home. I can do a whole day's worth of work in about 4-5 hours. Makes one think, it does.
  • What's great about working from home is that I can set my own hours (um, paid work that is), for the most part. example: we went to toysRus right in the middle of the day today. could I have done that while being just your average work slave? no! now, can I get a resounding "woo-hoo!!"?
  • Working from home, however, does have it's shortcomings. Hours (unpaid) are long (7am-8pm) and the conversation is rare on most days. but we're gettin' it done and making the most of it.

Now, must get dinner and some downtime in front of the tv. DH is out of town, and I have so much Tivo to catch up on! I've missed like 5 episodes of House, and 3 Sopranos, and who knows what else, so I've got a whole lotta Tivo work to do! Does mommy's "work" ever end? (grin) shoo, I'd do Tivo "work" anyday! I love Tivo!

ok, enough yammering for one day.

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