Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It's the small things

Lizzy and I went on a search for toy bins this week. You would be surprised at how difficult it is to find good quality, practical, and nice-looking toy bins. Am I just too picky? Maybe. Indecisive? Definitely.

We went to Target, Pottery Barn Kids, Toys R Us, Storables, and The Container Store, plus looked online and whatnot, and I still couldn't find something that would work for us (er, me. ahem).

After running the gauntlet of cheap plastic, cheaper plastic, and then downright flimsy--not to mention the extreme color selections: nothing but gaudy faded neon pink or basic black/white/clear--I finally decided to get some basic storage baskets lined with a kid-friendly, yet attractive fabric. I found some great specimins at, of all places, TJMaxx. woo hoo.
Inexpensive? yes! Attractive? (mostly) Yes! Practical? Definitely yes! Happy to not have to step on megablocks (d'oh!), peek-a-blocks (#$%^&!), and gnarley wooden puzzle pieces (!#$%^&**&*!!!!) and trip over myself every time I turn around? YES YES YES!

This is probably the only time that I've actually liked seeing/feeling our carpet. Cheap, ever-so-boring-beige, always-moulting-its-fuzz...and yet...ah, my feet loves its soft, toe-grabbing pile. Just ignore the kinky short fibers between my toes.

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sally k said...

TJ Max is great for this kind of stuff. Hope the bins are working out. They look nice.