Thursday, May 25, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Yesterday was my first day home, and it was great. A lot of work, but from what everyone constantly tells me, the days & years just fly by when you are with young children.

Elizabeth seems happy to finally be home. With all of the constant shuffling around to different babysitters for the past few weeks, she has been extra clingy and wanting mommy. Both my MIL & SIL were saying that at about 430 Lizzy would go over to the gate/door and cry for me. even call out "mama." My mom said that she cried "mommy." I haven't heard that yet!

She's understanding so much more these days. And she tries to say words like apple, diaper, kitty, broom, birds, banana--it' sooo cute. She still can't form the sounds.

Other stuff she's doing:
  • She wants to walk down the stairs instead of crawl. She's a big girl now!
  • She's learned (about 3 weeks ago) to open levered doors--no knobs yet
  • She loves her books and looks at them constantly.
  • She also plays really well on her own for like 20 min! it's great. I can sit here on the computer and watch her play. She's gotten so much easier to watch.
  • She tries to put on her own shoes
  • She's been "playing" with her changing pad, the velcro one--like to open it and lie down on it! crazy girl
  • She's discovered the Wiggles (thanks to outside influences who will remain nameless)
  • ...but what's even cuter is that she likes to "dance" like they do: raising her arms up and down...oh man, we have GOT to video this. It's unbearably cute

I feel so lucky. I could be working and earning more money, and I could have decided to send her to day care, but that seems such a selfish kind of life. My husband's job pays well enough, and he actually enjoys his work. Sure, more money is always nice, but she's our daughter & we want her to grow up with us, by us. We want to instill in her young mind our values and our love for learning. That's so important. When it comes down to it, money is just money--it brings life's necessities and, if you're lucky, luxuries--but family is precious. I can give so much to my daughter--why spend all my energy at an unfulfilling job when the most important job is here at home?

That said, it's a transistion from working full time to being home full time. but that's another post. I have a little angel at my toes calling "up! up!"

Oh these days are precious!

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