Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Silence is golden...

...and red...and blue...and green...

I'm back from 7 days of silence.
Yet what a cacophony this past week has seen.
(color indicates state of mind)

1. Wednesday 5/10: Gave notice at work. (finally)
My last day as an "employee" (more on that soon) is 5/23
2. Thursday 5/11: My boss asked me to stay on as a part-time consultant for 3 months. Aww, they miss me already...
3. Friday 5/12 (in three parts):
part 1: AM: Somehow a few co-workers find out that I'm leaving. Shock and awe aside, they rage about how upper management doesn't support telecommuting, (e.g., moms who want to work from home)
part 2: later AM: Feeling a bit torn about leaving my job, my salary, my "free" time (if you can call it that). Spend much of the afternoon trying to reconcile what the future means for me, (e.g., me, a SAHM? pshaw!)
part 3: 4PM: Boss wants to start the paperwork for my consultantcy status, and I...gasp...tell her to hold off until Monday so I could think on it. (see part 2 above)
4. Saturday 5/13: Now away from work, I quickly realize that the decision to quit and stay home with Lizzy is the right one. What's more, my current job (although safe) is holding me back.
5. Sunday 5/14: Mother's Day. Visited 2 mothers in 2 places in 2 hours (ok, 5 hrs, but 2 sounded so much more dramatic). Feeling good about the decision to leave work; wondering who's going to watch Lizzy next week! Mom? SIL?
6. Monday 5/15: Childcare solved. Told boss to go forward with the paperwork (notice the GREENLIGHT).
7. Tuesday 5/16: Feeling right & rosy (notice the pink?). It's a waiting game now.

Which brings us to today:
Boss announced to the big group that I will be leaving & I'm telling more people 1:1. We also shuffled around some projects. However, it looks like I'll still have a lot to do!! At least through August. show me the money.

More later...must run off to pick up DD.

non-seq: looking forward to tonight's episode of LOST... :)

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