Monday, May 01, 2006

Monday, Monday

It's Monday. And man, am I feeling it.

The thorn: Work (surprise!)
I recently switched my standard office cube for a stand-up version (in which the tabletop is raised so that I can work while standing up). No back problems, I just like standing & moving rather than sitting on my duff all day.

So, got my stand-up cube and all was good in the world. Then, alas, they told me that they didn't have a chair/stool for the times when I do want to sit (b/c let's face it, no one wants to stand ALL day long). They gave me a temp chair (it looks like a tractor chair and is prolly about as comfy as one) and said they'd order me the cushy, ergonomically correct one ("it'll be here in a few weeks"). Fine.

That was over 2 months ago.

...ok....I started to go into the details, but this is so ridiculous, so I'm going to spare you. Long story short---I emailed the manager this morning to inquire where my chair was, if it was even ordered, etc. and he wrote back and cc'd the freakin world saying that I'm not following the proper "process". Um, OK. Whatever dude. I had to set him straight.

Which means my chair will get here in, oh, about 2 years. It'll prolly arrive the day after I quit, which is becoming more and more of an enticing thought. But that's another post.

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