Tuesday, June 20, 2006

busy busy busy

I've been pretty busy these days and haven't had the time (read: energy) to blog! shame shame on me. Lots going on though.

1. naps have gotten a whole lot shorter! for some reason. Lizzy wants to sleep only for like 30-40 min and then she's up and running around again. Doesn't leave a whole lotta time for me to get stuff done. especially work!

2. Speaking of work, I haven't gone into the office in over 2 weeks! mostly because my babysitter has been "unavailable". ugh. also, my boss just gave notice! Everyone's shell-shocked, but of course there were rumors, or at least speculations by my co-worker. So I'm not ALL that surprised.

3. Since my boss is leaving, and they have SO MUCH WORK to do this summer, they just asked me to stay on a little longer than originally planned. hmmmmmm. I'm thinking about it. It's money. But it's tough working for a place I don't give a rat's ass about anymore. ahem. anyway...next!

4. I have a list of what's going on with Lizzy, which I think I'll share in a separate post. For now, let it be known that she has discovered the joy of flushing the toilet! not only that, but putting stuff IN the toilet and then flushing. Let it also be known that mom is now imagining all kinds of things getting flushed down the to the sewer. And oh how frightening that is! I'm keeping my keys high up and away from that little monkey girl!

5. Last but not least, one of my friends had her baby this past week (well, June 11---over a week ago!). Welcome to the world little one! =)

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