Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lizzy went boom

Lizzy had a spill today and bruised the side of her face. She was sitting in one of her baskets (not the best thing to do) and happened to tip over and tumble down a step (not the best place to be) and into the Little People Farm toy (moo!). She has a big purple crescent-shaped bruise near her left eye. I'm so sad. I was at my desk-dining table trying to edit a stupid style guide and wasn't quick enough to get over there in time.

I'm not really sure what happened. I'm guessing that while she was in the basket, she reached over to grab a book and tipped over. Since the basket is small, I think she was stuck in there. poor thing.

In other events, tomorrow is finally FRIDAY. This has been the longest week--what with DH going out of town and me playing single mom, it's been good and busy. I'm so glad that it is a holiday weekend and we can all spend some quality time together, just the fam. yay!

Not to mention fireworks! woo hoo!

I think I'm going to make an apple pie tomorrow or Sat. Not only is it THE American dessert for this very American holiday, but it's my hubby's favorite. Do I love him, or what?

It's nearly 6pm and Lizzy has been napping for about an hour. Late for her, but she was so very tired and didn't take a good nap earlier (30min is not a nap, thank you Dr. Weissen-something). anyway, I need to go get her up, lest she doesn't sleep for the night (yikes!) and anyways, Hubby should be home soon and hey, it' s almost dinner time! eek.

Am I becoming a SAHM, or what? It's still a foreign thing to me, I must say. And I'm still trying to make it my own.

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Stephanie T. said...

Awww....sorry about little Lizzy's spill. And being a SAHM definitely takes some getting used to. It was hard for me at first to adjust, but now I have no desire to work a "real" job for the foreseable future.