Wednesday, June 21, 2006


I am always so amazed at some of the things Lizzy knows, does, or tries to do. She is so smart for her little 15-month-old self! Of course, all parents think their kid is smart---probably because they are.

It's easy to look at these little people (toddlers/babies) and think, "They're so small, they couldn't possibly understand..." or do, or whatever. But. They Do.

And I'm not talking Chevron here--these little ones actualy DO!

One example:
Yesterday Lizzy and I were looking at one of her books she doesn't look at often, and in it there's a little boy climbing a tree. It's not part of the story, and it doesn't show anything depicting movement; it's just a boy hanging on to the side of a palm tree.

Lizzy pointed at the boy and moved her finger up the tree, and blurted "Up!" and then looked at me inquisitively.

My jaw would have dropped to my lap had I not bursted out with a gleeful "YES! That's right! The boy is climbing up the tree! He's going UP!" Pride just swelled from every pore.

Granted her first word was "up," but this illustrated that she truly understands the concept of going up. She's never climbed a tree. But she knows it's possible. Which is more powerful than you would immediately think.

Knowing possibilities, applying concepts to things that you've never seen or done before---that's something that fuels the imagination. And imagination sends the human spirit soaring.

She's on her way.
And growing so fast!
I am so joyful at being able to share these precious days with her.

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Nicole said...

I love watching my children learn! It is so exciting and you forget what is was like to discover something so wonderful as "up"!