Friday, June 23, 2006


With the amount and frequency of cleaning up I've done in the last month, I've come to realize that my house will not stay clean and tidy until, oh, about 2015 or so.

Some of my DD's favorite items to "unpack" right now are:

  • tupperware-style lids and bowls
  • brooms and dust pans from the hall closet (several times a day)
  • sippy cups, lids, and whatever else is in "her" kitchen drawer
  • rice cooker (?!)
  • books, all books--hers, mine, DH's--it doesn't matter which. She loves to play with books
  • all contents of her diaper bag are extremely fascinating
  • and of course her toy bins, especially when I am putting toys away (ooh fun!)

So this SAHM's days consist of:

  • kitchen duty
  • floor duty
  • Lizzy'
  • playing referee to raucous mealtime (aka throwing) sessions
  • chasing & replacing aforementioned items
  • oh yeah, and..."working part time"

So my question is this...

Is having two or more kids like having two or more cats? You know, once you go to all of the trouble of having one, it's not much more work (at least cleaning-wise) to incorporate another, or even a couple more?

Or should I be thinking closer to 2025 here?

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Nicole said...

I have two and now I have two little ones that like to take things out and leave them out. They like to bring sticks, flowers, and rocks inside with lots of dirt on them. Sand seems to make it's way inside.

My solution -- only clean when company is coming. Why waste the time? It NEVER stays clean for more than a few minutes!