Tuesday, January 30, 2007

little yellow balls

This morning at breakfast Lizzy thought it would be fun to put Kix cereal up her nose. I guess they smell better than they taste. Or so she thought.

Kix is ball-shaped, slightly larger than a pea. And yes, her sweet-smelling cereal got stuck up there.

I didn't see her do it. But I wondered at how she kept pointing at her nose and saying "kix. kix." It wasn't until she was digging deep in her nostil and saying "help" that I notice the little yellow offender lodged snugly within.

Nice! Now how to get that out? Tweezers crossed my mind, but...yeah right.

Granted, Kix softens when wet, but it was definitely stuck. She can't exactly blow her nose, and she thought it was way funny when mommy was trying to teach her to do so.

Eventually she sneezed and a virtual eruption of yellow goo and snot spewed forth. There were not one, but two kix balls up there!

I would so love to know what she was thinking.
For mommy, if not so scary it would have been hilarious.
But we're laughing now.

Oh yeah, and no more kix. at least for a while. Mommy must recover.

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