Thursday, January 18, 2007

Have Birds, Will Sleep

Thanks Heather and Belle-ah for your encouraging words. I know geniune friends take time, but does it have to take so long? (grin) Actually, I'm more disappointed with my mother's group in that I haven't met anyone who's willing to take the time to make new friends. I thought there'd be more SAHMs in the group who were ready for that. I'm happy that Lizzy and I have met a few great ladies just by going to parks and taking classes.

Speaking of classes, our Kindermusic class ended and I'm now considering getting her into a tumbling class. She just loves climbing and tumbling (sommersaults are a fave), so I thought it would be a good way to expend some energy. However, I'm a bit concerned about her climbing everything at home from sofas to cat condos to Lord knows what. Anyone have experience in this area?

Speaking of climbing...Lizzy's now in a big girl bed.

After months of wondering "will she climb out of the crib and break her neck" and "how many times will she fall out of her rail-less crib tonight" (night before last it was 3...that we know of at least), we finally said enough's enough and set her up in a twin bed. She absolutely loves it.

Of course, she can't sleep without the birds (see pic), so we hooked 'em up to her bed side rails. It's so ghetto, but they still work and she still sleeps. Everyone's happy!

This morning at breakfast she actually claimed to want to take a nap. You heard it right folks, the gal who refuses to nap actually requested one this morning. I thought I was going to fall over from shock. Of course, this afternoon when it actually was naptime, she didn't go so willingly, but we're dealing with a (nearly) 2yo here. She's not exactly reasonable, people.

I am so proud of her though. It's got to be hard to give up the comfort and familiarity of her old bed, but she's a trooper. The new bed's got more jump power, which certainly helps.

She's growing up too quickly.

As I disassembled her crib last night, I couldn't help but hope to be putting it back together soon, for our next little one. Maybe later this year, but I guess we'll just have to see what God has in store for us.

That's all for now. I've got to get off my tushie and move some muscle before the angel awakens from her blissful nap.

Oh dear...she's crying already. I typed too soon.
It's true. A mom's work is never done.


EVE said...

Does this bird toy play a song? If so, which one? I'm wondering because as a child I had a Fisher Price bluebird toy which played a song which I loved. Your toy looks different (newer) of course, but I thought it may play the same tune. If so I would look to buy one like this for my child.

EVE said...

Oh! Nevermind! I found what I was looking for... thanks!