Wednesday, January 31, 2007

big steps towards two

She's putting words together.

Heard from Lizzy's mouth this past week:

no meep (milk)
hi mama
bah bye mama
bah-bye buh-boh (bubble)--a favorite while washing her hands
hi (enter word here)--that's whatever she sees & can say, like bee, kitty, baby, etc. (not everything, but I have a feeling that's going to change)
bye (enter word here)--she said "bye house" yesterday as we left for the park. so very cute.

and a new one this morning: cay-wee...(pause) mee (carry me)--awwww, so cute.

We've been potty training too, and she did a little (1 tsp or so) yesterday. yay.
It's a painful process at times, so 1 tsp is well worth getting excited over.

I'm such a mom huh?
It's challenging, but I'm enjoying the ride.
But 45 min in the bathroom just to get 1 tsp of pee! I just gotta laugh. and of course celebrate the small stuff.

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