Sunday, July 23, 2006

Can I Get a Group "Ugh"?

I know it's old news and everyone's sick to death of hearing about the hot, hot heat, but...

Today, at our house, it was a sweltering 112 degrees.


This, after yesterday's record-breaking highs and a night that never got cooler than somewhere in the high 90s. In fact, yesterday we experienced the highest Low on record (since the 1800s) of 99.

Can I get a group "UGH"?

I don't know how Arizonians deal with this kind of heat all summer, every summer. All I'm saying is thank God we have air conditioning. But even with A/C, it's still hot as hell upstairs. and sleeping is a freakin' joke.

The bad news is that my older, outdoor kitty is having a very difficult time with this heat. She's lost weight, and today I don't think she ate much more than a few bites. I kept going out to check on her, and at least she would come up to get pet and stuff. But, she's got me worried big time. She just looks too thin. too too thin. and the not eating scary. That's always a big sign that something's wrong. I would've liked to bring her in out of the heat, but that's easier said than done.

Changing the subject...

Playgroup didn't happen on Friday; it's been moved to Wed afternoon, so stay tuned for that report. Thanks Trish and Belle-ah for the advice and stuff. I really appreciate it. :)

Lizzy's finally in bed (and so is the blasted sun!!!!!) and I have a moment's peace, so I'm getting a glass o' wine and chillin in front of the tv or something.
At least Big Brother is on tonight. woo hoo.

Anyone else watching Big Brother All-Stars? Or am I the only loser?

I SOOOOO want James to nominate ChillTown. (can't believe I'm using their stupid terminology--ugh) specifically, I SOOOO want boogie out of there. I can handle Dr. Will for pure entertainment value, but boogie bugs the livin' crap out of me. Jacob's recap on Television Without Pity (long live tubey!) has a great assessment of said housemate, and I quote, "Mike sucks so bad, again, some more, even bitching about coattail riders, which earns him a swift kick in the ass from the God of Irony."

That pretty much sums it up. (what's up with the font? whatever...)

I am so stoked to have some time to veg in front the tv. yay.

After all, one must do something (read: nothing) to prepare for yet another scorcher.

'nuff said.

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sjdecorates said...

Hi EJ, I am a friend of BelleAh's and I thought I'd say hi.. I was just in your area a week and a half ago....apparantly just before the heat wave because the weather was absolutely fabulous for us while we were there. We did go down to Monterey, and even talked about going to the Aquarium, (I saw your other post about it) but we decided not to. We did go out on a boat and saw one whale while out. That was fun, but not even any dolphins or anything. I had hoped for more, but the whole trip out was pretty wonderful. I'd love to come back during the colder weather and see them while they are migrating! Enough for today, but I just thought I'd give a shout from Texas. Stay cool!

EmilyJane said...

Hi Suzanne, Thanks for stopping in to say hi. It's funny that I've lived here so long and never have gone out on the bay to see the whales migrating. (Isn't that always the way? ha.) anyway, sounds like you had a fun trip! yes, be very glad that you missed this terrible heat wave. It's been miserably hot. Hopefully it will cool down for the BlogHer conference happening this coming weekend, when lots of out of town bloggers come in to SJ. woo hoo! big shout back to ya in TX! Great state! :)

Belle-ah said...

Oh MY, and I think my days have been hot. I just hate the heat. I used to think I hated the cold...until I started hating the heat...Heat is the worst.