Saturday, July 08, 2006

Computer Crisis in One Act

The Setting
Day: Thursday
Time: Mid-morning
Weather: Sunny & bright, about 75 degrees and rising
Coffee o' the day: Peet's Anniversary blend (mmm good)

The Scene
Me: finished checking email and sipping a fresh refill of aforementioned tasty blend
Lizzy: happily playing with her Little Touch Leap Pad

Me: Noticed that the leap pad was acting "erractically" and decide I should change its batteries

Lizzy: Since the Leap Pad was blipping and beeping nonsensically, she starts playing with another toy. Lucky toy of choice: the ladybug "thsort" toy.

Me: Seeing that Lizzy was blissfully content with her ladybug toy, I go to get new batteries for the "dead" leap pad toy.

The batteries are kept in the mud room; I'd be gone 30 seconds, tops.
Should be fine.

(insert dramatic, foreshadowing music here)

Me: with new batteries & small screwdriver in hand, I enter the playroom.
"OH!....oh my no no!"

I scooped Lizzy off my chair--which she had pulled out and nimbly ambled onto in the 15-20 seconds that I was gone--and removed my now empty coffee mug from her deft, clutchy little fingers. Her yellow onesie was covered in coffee and her glee was quickly turning to confusion and concern.

I visually measured the damage and sighed heavily.

My Corp's laptop doesn't much appreciate Peet's Anniversary Blend, especially when poured all over it's keyboard and square mousepad.

It needs much more than new batteries.

and Mommy has some 'splainin' to do at My Corp.


to be continued...

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Trish said...

Oh geez. I'm glad the coffee wasn't hot, though. My son removed some of the keys from mine with a darn toy screwdriver and the thing never worked right again.....