Friday, July 14, 2006

Run, Baby, Run

My computer is dead. Scratch company's computer is dead.
More on that later.
A big THANK YOU to my honey, who has given me use of his laptop during the days (after all, I still have to work to do)

In other events, it's been a good week.

Run, Baby, Run
drumroll please...I bought a treadmill. FINALLY! We need to go pick it up, so it's not home yet, but... I am so. very. excited. to have finally made this decision/purchase. I've soooo missed running since I got preggers 2 years ago. (at that time I was training for my first marathon) Of course, I am now WAY out of shape and need to basically start my "training" all over again. But it's great to know that I will soon be able to run without going to the gym (15 min away) or going outside (too HOT! pant pant pant=eew, no thanks)

A Whale of a Time
Lizzy and I ventured out yesterday and went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. If you've never gone, check it out next time your in the area. It's wonderful. They have a ton of kid-centric exhibits and activities, including touch pools (ooooo, slimy seaweed!) and an aviary (see the aviary cam) where they you can watch shorelife up close and personal.

They also have a "Splash Zone" (watch the penquins) where kids can let loose and play--kind of like a kids discovery area if you know what I mean. It was nice, but mostly for older, school-age kids.

Lizzy was literally climbing the wall trying to get into the stingray & tiger shark pool. She absolutely loves water, so it was a blast showing her real, live waterlife. She's a bit young to really understand it all, but was fascinated nonetheless.

Speaking of run, baby, run...I spent a good deal of time chasing Lizzy around as she zipped through corridors and weaved through a sea of legs (people legs, that is). Her passive stroller days are over, I'm afraid; she's way too active to sit for any length of time, especially in a place like that.

Aquarium Moments
In the touch ponds she kept dipping her hands in the water and then immediately putting her fingers into her mouth. The older woman working the exhibit just couldn't help but laugh. Although I had visions of all these freaky microrganisms breeding in her belly, the woman assured me that she would be fine.

We sat in the balconly of the Outer Bay (outer bay cam) watching the big fish, Lizzy standing on my lap, holding on to the bar in front of us. Two ladies and a little toddler boy sat right next to us, and after a moment or two, the two kids were more fascinated with each other than with the fish. They were both holding the bar rocking back and forth seeing who could rock faster, rougher, gosh, who knows what they were doing. They were just having a blast. So funny.

In the baby area, Lizzy got pinched, and I mean PINCHED by a little girl younger than her! I was shocked and had to pry that little...angel's...fingers off dear Lizzy's arm. (She had nail impressions in her upper arm for the rest of the night.) The parents were concerned and apologetic. But. Let's just say that it was time to go shortly after that little episode. Stupid PINCH Zone.

check out some pics of our day at the aquarium

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Stephanie T. said...

Lizzy is a doll! And your day at the aquarium sounds fabulous! I'm sorry about the pinching thing though. Ouch! Poor baby!