Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Onward and Outward

I'm totally loving my new treadmill. I would be on it right now while Lizzy's sleeping, but I'm trying to ease back into running (and by that I really mean jogging). It's been a while, so I don't want to hurt myself and then be out of commission for a month. That would NOT be good.

Funny...It's been so long since I ran on a regular basis that my father in law asked my hubby:

"A treadmill? Who's it for?...Did she get it as a gift?" ha ha.

To that I must ask, who gets someone a a gift? That would be pretty insulting. Can you imagine: "Here ya go. I thought you could use this."

Eh, he meant well. Even "I" know I need to lose some weight! He was just really surprised to hear that I run or would want to run. I've never been "a runner" per se, I just really enjoy how great it makes me feel.

Makes me feel like I might want to start training again. Probably not a marathon this time though: perhaps a 1/2 marathon. I like the idea of having that goal: completing something that is just for me, for my spirit, for my health, for my...sanity! ha.

When it comes to running, I like:
  • the idea of tracking how many miles I've completed
  • the way my forearms (and even my hands!) glisten (ok, sweat) after a good run. It's so cool to see them all slick.
  • how it makes me feel so...I don't know...alive! and joyful to be taking in air and working my muscles
I sound totally sick, huh?

Oh well. I find that I really look forward to running, and I wish that I was in better shape so that I could run longer. I guess that will come with time.


My craziness aside, I'm planning to check out a local playgroup this Friday afternoon. Should be interesting to say the least. Lizzy needs a little socialization, and we all know that "I" do! ha.

I sincerely hope to find some local moms that I can connect with. I'm basically the first in my circle of friends who's had a child. Everyone else is just in another world: the single, childless one! (Been there. Done that.)

However, it definitely puts me a bit out of my comfort zone to attend one of these meetings where I don't know anyone. I'm not really a social butterfly. In fact, I find it quite challenging to open up to others, especially strangers. I'd like to change this. I'm trying to change this.

Do any of you have experience/advice regarding these kinds of mother's groups? I'm really clueless. I've heard this one's pretty good, but you never know. I'm a little wary about the other kids teaching Lizzy bad things, or the other mothers trying to tell me how to be a good mom, etc. I don't really know what to expect.

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Belle-ah said...

You know who gives gifts like treadmills????? My mother and MIL! LOL I am serious. You would not believe the wonders of "getting fit" they have provided me with. LOLOL

Enjoy your meeting I hope it goes well. It is very hard to open up and find your nitch, especially when it seems everyone else knows each other and has for ages.

Trish said...

Your post reminds me so much of myself after my first. I had to give up running during my pregnancy with him for medical reasons and was an avid runner, marathoner, before.
Then he came.
And the world was upended. But running was a part of me that I wanted to get back. It took me 7 months to be able to lightly job 3 miles....
Also, finding the perfect playgroup... or I mean the right one, was so important to me. It's been wonderful reading your post and remembering.