Thursday, July 20, 2006


At 915 this morning we went out for a walk. Fed the ducks, saw our neighbor walking her black Newfoundland (aka giant dog), and stopped to let Lizzy out to stretch her legs and run around a bit. (she's antsy) I noticed that the temp sensor on the stroller read 96 degrees. (ahem.) Time: 9:30 AM.

What's up with the heat these days? I've heard that it isn't just around here (CA) but many places around the globe. Unlike this week's Entertainment Weekly,I'm not slyly plugging Gore's new movie; only sadly discussing the weather.

How boring of me.
(but it's just so hot!)

I (sort of) miss my old office with it's constant 72-degree environment. sigh. But watching Lizzy empty a kitchen drawer IS a lot of fun...

She's delighted by the littlest things. Today it's dropping stuff. She picks up a plastic bowl, lets it go, and giggles emphatically at its bounce and hollow sound.

O the joy of childhood.
It's infectious, it is.

Who cares if I put away those bowls 75 times today? It's so much fun to watch her smile and laugh. I must admit though, I don't particularly enjoy seeing the resulting dents in our hardwood floors, but on the other hand, "she gives our floors character," I tell myeslf. LOTS of character.

Eh, ultimately I don't care. it's a floor. it's a bowl. it's a full cup of milk spilled into the hardwood's...a lot of things. But terrible it is not.

I have a daughter.
Wonderful, wiggly, and O so messy.

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Belle-ah said...

It is hot, hot, hot here as well. After living in the north and their total lack of humidity I haven't re-adjusted to the southern summers yet (I grew up in the south but it bothers me more now!). I can't seem to pry my children out into the heat either.

Do ya'll have A/C at home? Of course, here in the south A/C is everywhere. When I moved up north I was shocked to learn lots of people don't have it...THAT is when I realized I had landed on a new planet! LOL

You are very right...floor dings and bowl are just that and that precious little one is just a fleeting experience. Enjoy it!