Thursday, October 09, 2008

Breaking Silence...I mean...NEWS!

I know I've been MIA for nearly a year, but I can't help but post today because I'm over the moon with anticipation about tomorrow. Lemme sum up: I'm pregnant (ta-dah!) and tomorrow is our Level 2 Ultrasound where we can find out what "flavor" we're having. so to speak.
I've been so anxious to know, and now that it's finally the eve of said event, I just don't know what to do with myself. I've tried going outside with E, busying myself in the backyard/garage, making cinnamon rolls (from scratch!), catching up on all my social email, doing laundry, etc. etc. I've finally run out of stuff to do (or more likely, steam). Now my mind can't calm down. It's crazy I know. But I'm just so excited!

And getting the news will somehow make this little person growing inside more real to me. Plus, seeing the detailed u/s images creates a stronger bond somehow. I told my husband he's got to bring the video camera tomorrow b/c we didn't do that last time and I wished we had. My dr doesn't provide a copy, like some lucky ducks get. I'm sure that the grandparents and E will want to see the little guy/gal swimming around in there. :) and yes, those kicks are real. I'm not just imagining it. ;-)
See, I'm feeling better already just getting this off my chest. Writing is always so therapeutic.

My other story to share is that E is convinced that this little baby is a girl. Everytime I ask her, she almost stubbornly says "it's a girl." "it's a little sister, mommy." Don't know if she's got ESP or some special kid connection or what, but I surely hope that she's not disappointed if in fact it turns out to be a baby brother. (oh, the horror!)

As for me, I'm happy with either. But, truthfully, I've been having strange wishes for a girl so that we can "try for" a boy at some later point. (Now that I've written that, I know I've completely lost my mind.) I can't believe I just typed that. lol... Really though, I'd LOVE to have a boy. They're messy, loud, destructive...yes...but they are just so darn cute. And, let's face it, a future handyman I can use around the house when my husband is too old and tired for my "honeydo" lists. (I love you honey! Can't wait to see you when you get THAT old. & that's going to be pretty old...)

Well that's my news. Let's see if anyone even notices that I've posted! lol...


KauaiMark said...

Yep...I noticed ;)

Are we reveling a name for the little "guy" yet?

lizzydad said...

I noticed too. :)

Nothing is being reveAled until the absolute last minute!