Friday, August 24, 2007

Project Wedding Dress

Last year I read a magazine article about Project Swimsuit. (btw---I think it was in Parents magazine--I'm looking for it & let you know when I find the info) It was about this mom who every year took a picture of her daughter in this one bathing suit. Sounds simple enough, but it was amazing to see the little girl grow up in this sequence of 20 or so pictures. She literally goes from being a baby who basically "swam" in the suit to a beautiful young woman who filled it out like she bought it for herself.

After a year of thinking about how cool this project is and how I wanted to do something like it for Lizzy, I pulled out my wedding dress and shot a few portraits of her wearing it. I'm thinking I could do this every year since I don't plan on giving my dress away anytime soon. Plus, she loved the dress up "game." However, she did have some trouble keeping it on, especially when standing up. It's a lot of dress, at least the bottom half!


Belle-ah said...

So cute...just hope she keeps that abandon when she is old enough to wear one of her own (or maybe even THAT one!). Glad to read an update!

Karla May said...

Why don't you blog anymore?