Friday, April 30, 2010

My Very Own Day to Play

Today is my birthday and I am so excited to get a little time off to play and just be me! I'm already trying to decide how to spend my precious few hours of free time. I'm thinking: drop off kids at gramma's, go to the gym (and no one will interrupt my workout with a "your kid is crying unconsolably and you need to come get him now"--yay!), get pedicure, a little shopping, then home to get ready for my date with hubby! fun fun.

The day is off to a sweet start. My girl crawled into bed and sweetly whispered, "Mommy, today is your birthday...You are ___ years old!" hahaha. thanks honey. She and daddy then snuck out of the house to go get me a surprise breakfast of Starbucks and donuts! mmm. be running those off today! Then daddy got me a new hard drive so I can work on my computer without those constant "your system is low on memory" messages. double yay! haha. Birthdays are still fun, which is nice to know at my age!

Well must attend to the darling boy who's currently pulling on my leg. What a sweet life I have! Thank you Lord!!

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