Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What's goin' on

I've had so much to blog about for the past month, and haven't had the drive to post. I haven't even read my usual blogs. So there.

What's been so exciting that I haven't posted about? Lizzie is growing by leaps and bounds. She talks so much more now and we can sorta even have conversations. Well, if you consider this a conversation:

Me: What did you see today?
Lizzie: (staring, thinking of how to respond)
M: did we see water....? and boats....?
L: boat!
M: yeah!
L: dirhtee watah
M: oh yeah, the water was dirty, wasn't it?
L: faw-wa-wa!
M: you didn't fall in the water, which was very good.
L: (smiles broadly and hands me a book) weed book?

It's very sweet, actually. More and more words and phrases come to her all the time.

She can drive me bonkers too. When she doesn't get what she wants she unequivacally shows her disappointment by doing any or all of the following:

screams at the top of her lungs then just looks at me for my reaction
throws whatever she's holding straight at the offending person or object
(or picks something up to throw)
starts to whine and cry with an occasional dramatic flop to the floor

O, it's all new territory for me!

The other thing that absolutely confounds me is how to get her to stop purposefully dribbling milk or juice from her mouth, as well as throwing stuff (food, toys, etc.). It's a whole lot of clean up. I try not to get frustrated and just remain patient, but honestly, it's tough!!!!!!
It's not like I can reason with her. And watching the gravitational pull work on liquid is fascinating stuff.

woo hoo

I don't want to forget these things though, because I know they are just temporary spots on her neverending journey of growth. She's such a sweet, tender girl too. She just came up to me and hugged my middle as I sit here and type.

Moments like that make it all beyond worth it.


Karla May said...

Sweetie, the drink dribbling will stop. And soon she'll have so many words, you'll forget that she ever DIDN'T know how to talk.

One is such a precious year. You have much to look forward to.

Smooch that girl for me!!

Dapoppins said...

Hummm, sounds like we have smothing in common. A little girl!