Thursday, May 24, 2007

Just so I never forget

Last night I got my first ever "good night" from Lizzie. What a dolly she is. I almost keeled over from her cuteness.

More importantly though, when I asked her if she wanted to pray (something I haven't done at bedtime yet) she immediately put her hands together and looked at me in anticipation for my prayer. Amazing! I am still awestruck at how much she has learned in just a few short months of BSF. We will really miss it over the summer.

I need to continue both of our studies this summer so we don't forget or fall away. It's only 3 months, but it's 3 whole months! It's my prayer to find a home church quickly, one that we can truly connect and grow with. We've tried a couple around home, but I still feel connected our old church, even though we haven't really been attending there and our pastor has been gone for some time now.

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~Mommy~ said...

Aww! How cute! It's great watching all thier firsts!