Thursday, April 12, 2007

Summing up

I haven't had the urge to post lately. Lots to write about, but not a lot of energy to spend on writing it all down.
I'll just have to sum up as best as I can.

The birthday party
...was a big success. What's better than kids spazzing out from too much sugar while family & friends sitting lazily in the warm, breezy backyard? (it was in the 70s, no clouds) Lizzie loved the first gift she opened (a baby doll that kicked and screamed--thanks unk) so she didn't pay much attention to her other gifts after that & mommy had to do all of the opening. let me just say that I'll be glad to pass this on to her next year. Oh, and the cake--it was beautiful enough to grab, several times, for a fistful of flowers. mmm, mmm, good. By about 7:30pm, Lizzie was spent and crashed without any dinner. She had SO MUCH SUGAR, even *I* was amazed that she went down so easily.

In other news, I've started a bible study "class" with the internationally known group, BSF (Bible Study Fellowship). It has been just awesome. Awesome, I tell you. Granted, I have been thirsty for God these days, what with us searching for a new church home and everything, but wow. God knew just what I needed and it has truly been a blessing. I joined towards the end of their study of Romans, and next year (starting in September) we will be studying the book of Matthew, which I am really excited about. I think what I have most enjoyed about this study is its structure; it's four-levels of study: lecture, discussion groups, personal study questions, and detailed notes on the study. Plus, they provide childcare AND it's all free. Talk about an answer to prayer. woo hoo!

On the Road Again
Speaking of answered prayers, my husband & I get some alone time this weekend as we will be travelling to an out-of-town family wedding. Grandparents ROCK! Thank you for watching our darling. I will miss her, but I cherish my adult time, especially if it involves sleeping in and staying out late.

Well, I did it. I finished a post. FINALLY.
Thanks for hanging in there and for checking up on me.

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