Wednesday, March 21, 2007


What makes a 2-year-old dance, sing, jump, scream, clap, and nearly get into a fight with a person twice her age? Why, a Wiggly Concert, of course!

Ok, not a fight, per se, but I've never seen a 4 and 2 year old stare each other down like tigers about to pounce. By about 3/4 through the concert, this 4 y-o girl sitting in front of Lizzie had had just about enough of her antics (see first sentence) and finally turned around and just stared Lizzie down with the dirtiest look I've ever seen on a preschooler's face. It made me think, "Whoah, What's she get at home?"

Lizzie, unmitigated by this, just stared back. Amongst the din of Wiggly Fever I was armed and ready for the pin to drop and was about to swoop in to rescue my child from a 4 y-o mauling. I wondered...hmmm... could E fend for herself? I wasn't about to find out, but it was an interesting thought nonetheless.

But the moment passed, and the little blonde tiger in front of us ended up switching seats with her mommie---hahahahahahaha---threatened by a 2 y-o! That's my Lizzie--see, she CAN fend for herself! I thought. Better yet, Lizzie still wanted to "play" with the little girl and moved down the aisle to be closer to her. The poor little 4 y-o looked very distressed indeed by this prospect and dirty looks ensued. I felt bad for her and eventually told her, "don't worry" to which she finally looked a bit relieved, not to mention concerned that an adult witnessed all of her threatening looks. poor lil' thing! Go to a Wiggles concert and you get stuck sitting in front of a crazy 2 year-old Wigglemaniac! What's next?!!

I'll have to post later on the birthday antics, I mean party. Suffice to say it was a success and much cake was both eaten and worn. Success indeed!


MrsWndr said...

So how was Sam? I've been dying to get a look at him myself. My 5 year old still loves the Wiggles, she just misses them since she's at school. Though now I guess she's moving more toward the older Nick toons. What a sad day! I loved this post. Congrats on your big girl getting bigger. It happens too fast sometimes.

Belle-ah said...