Thursday, March 08, 2007

spring fever

spring fever is taking on new meaning here at the lizzylot household. we've all gone mad with cleaning, remodeling, and gardening.

Lizzy's party is next Saturday the 17th, so last weekend we decided to tear out our guest bathroom floor and shower. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it?? Nothing like a 2-week deadline to fire up the pressure.

The toilet and sink still work, so even if we don't get it all done it will at least be a "work in progress." IMO that's much better than the "aren't you going to ever redo this bathroom?" state. We had the floor partially removed to put in a new door last year, so it's been pretty unsightly for a while. My MIL says that just looking like you're working on it is better than it just being ugly. Not her words exactly (she's much more polite), but I do agree with the sentiment.

Aside from the bathroom, we've been rethinking our landscape as well. We recently lost two major backyard trees due to some kind of fungus. And termites. gotta love both of those! So now we've got a big hole to fill--and plenty of big dreams to do the job! In the meantime I've planted lots of bulbs and a few plants here and there. sigh...if only there were more time.

Today Lizzy won't take a nap. She's all off with our lunch visit to see daddy. it's 4pm and she's here at my side lining up these mini rubber ducks she got for her birthday party. (ok, i'm floored by the irony--despite my ramblings here, she's got all her ducks in a row--ha)

What a doll she is. Even when she's tired and excited beyond belief, she charms my socks off.

Better end and tend...

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