Monday, February 05, 2007

Sleep, Eat, Sleep

Lizzie is much better--no vomiting, yay! But she's still not herself. After eating a little oatmeal for breakfast and drinking lots of Pedialyte, she cozied up next to me on the sofa and fell asleep watching a random episode of Barney. (I couldn't take another Wiggles epi) She slept cuddled next to me for over an hour, then for another hour after I escaped her clutches. It felt like she was an infant again: I watched goofy daytime tv (yay food network! btw, TLC has SO MANY baby shows now--a baby story, bringing home baby, etc--do people really watch these all day long?) while she just napped on the sofa. Just like old times.

As the day slipped by, she ate more food and seemed to feel better and better. She skipped her regular afternoon nap though, and at about 5:15pm she konked out on her bed. I wasn't about to protest. She needs sleep.

The one amazing thing that happened today is:
She pooped in her potty for the first time! Wasn't the best...uhh...offering (coming off of stomach flu and all) but of course I cheered her on.

She amazes me that even while she's sick and not feeling 100% she's still trying to use the potty and being the all-around wonderful toddler that she is.

That's my girl!

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