Sunday, February 18, 2007

Arizona Trip

We're back from Arizona--visiting family. Lizzy was soo very good. She amazed me in that she took all her naps & was a very big girl on the plane. Even while we were constantly out and about, she was well behaved and sweet. It was a totally new surrounding and routine for her and she just adapted beautifully!

What I keep hearing is "fawawa." Which in babyspeak means: I fell down in the water. Yeah! While out picnicking by the colorado river, she got excited about something she saw (an underwater rock?) and ended up falling down at the riverside and getting all wet--soaking, in fact! The water was cold--snow melt--so she shivered and screamed until I finally had her clothes all changed. Poor baby. It must have really left an impression.

I also keep hearing her say names of our family
"shue" (sue)
"beel" (bill)
"geh gamma" (great grandma)
"buggah" (buddy)
"ellah" (ellie)

I'm glad that she seemed to really enjoy the trip and remembers the people and events so well. It just shows how much she is growing cognitively.

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tAnYeTTa said...

cute cute cute all day long!!!