Sunday, February 04, 2007

My Poor Baby

Lizzie's sick. She has severe vomiting and hasn't been able to hold anything down since last night, not even water. She's fine otherwise: no fever, no pain, etc. so I'm thinking it must be some kind of bug or food poisoning.

This morning it seemed that she was over it, but then...not. One minute she was fine and then....blacgh. I was trying to get her to the bathroom when she spewed all over me, on my clothes, down my neck and back...let's just say it brought me to a whole new level of mothering. I was grossed out, definitely, but isn't it weird how your baby can do something like that to you and it's all okay? Anyone else...forget it.

That said, this mommy feels pretty helpless with the inabilty to instantly take away her discomfort. But this kind of ailment is supposed to be over in a day or two, so we're just laying low and giving her a sip of water every so often. Very difficult to hear her ask for food though! I try to explain it to her that we need to wait, but that doesn't help, obviously. Plus, she doesn't really understand.

Guess we'll be doing tv most of the day. Maybe she'll end up loving football (via super bowl). Either that or she'll get a heavy dose of Wiggles. I'm guessing the latter.

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