Monday, September 11, 2006

Quality Time

My Friday afternoon break was wonderful.

Here's what I did:

1. Ran small errand (aren't I good, doing the "work" first?)

2. Browsed the consignment store nearby & found a solid teak console table for $49. Unbelievable price and very smart looking. Put the table on hold.

3. Wandered next door to the new southwestern/Mexican collectibles store. Lots of Native American and Mexican pottery, glassware, linens, art, etc. Found a large copper vase that was absolutely stunning. It was pressed into different shades and then finely etched with flowers, vines, and other embellishments. I remarked how pretty the piece was, and the saleswoman informed me it was "one of a kind." It really was beautiful. So, I checked the price: $800. (ahem.) Didn't think DH would find it that beautiful, so I put it down and promptly left the store.

By then, an hour had gone by, and I was starting to feel like my time was slipping away too fast. Shopping is fun, but I wanted to get some time to sit and just rest, reflect, and rejuvenate. I figured I could be gone at least another 1/2 hour, so I decided to drive to main street and check out a local coffee shop that had just reopened under new management. It was the best thing I could have done.

Ordered coffee and a snack. I had grabbed the latest Oprah mag from my car (it's my reading material in case Lizzy falls asleep while we're out--sometimes I just let her sleep while I sit and read. She's a tough little gal to get to sleep, so I try and take advantage of it when I can).

With all my accoutrements, I finally settled at one of the outside tables. It was about 4pm, sunny, warm, cars & pedestrians drifting by. The feel of Friday evening, the weekend was freshly settling on main street. Joival women looked in shop windows, while business men in suits walked by with their briefcases, coats, and keys in their clutches.

I opened & read some of the mag, but it was so wonderful to sit and just watch people and be in the present in the moment. When I noticed I was seated next to a sprightly patch of flowers, and I gazed upon their glorious color and watched their perky petals jostling in the breeze, I felt unspeakably happy and refreshed. It was a grand moment. Simple, but utterly magnificent.

I sat at that table for about 30 min, smiling and enjoying my coffee, pumpkin bread, and the peaceful, easy feeling of watching the world go by.

When I got home, I thanked my FIL and told him how wonderful it was to just sit outside and enjoy some coffee without my little Lizzie there. He laughed. Not sure why he laughed, but I told him, "no, really, it was wonderful. thank you!" and I think then he got the message.

Everyone needs time away, even if it's just for 1-2 hours.
And no $49 table or $800 vase could have given me that kind of smile.


Belle-ah said...

Sounds like a wonderful mini-vacation and I bet you came back a better Mommy than when you left!

EmilyJane said...

I definitely was a happier mommie! :)

MrsWndr said...

I'm glad you got some much needed YOU time. Men don't often realize what those little breaks do for us.