Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Four more weeks of work

Good news: I only have 4 more weeks of work!!!
(Can you see my happy dance?)

4 weeks may sound like a lot, but it feels great because the other good news is: the big project I've been working on is nearly finished! (yay!) I've completed all reviews and the copy should be pretty close to done. It's been extremely difficult this time around b/c the writer I'm working with has never published before & he's had a lot of process issues and questions and back-and-forth stuff that's taken more time and energy than expected. (I keep having to remind him that I only work "part time.") anyway, it's almost done and I'm getting esctatic in that I can FINALLY see the light at the end of the whole work tunnel. Hopefully by this time next week, this big projet will be done and the stress a thing of the past.
You wouldn't think that working part time from home would be a big deal, but...throw in a very active toddler (who doesn't much enjoy naps, thankyouverymuch) and a big messy project with a newbie, and....well, just watch your head spin.

I'm really looking forward to November, when the National Novel Writing Month comes along. The timing seems to work out very well:

sept: finish & cut ties with work
oct: draft outline for my novel (that sounds so cool)
nov: write write write write write (all this for fun!)
dec: recover, do xmas, and try not to whine about how sucky my novel is

What a great end of the year it's looking to be!

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