Friday, September 08, 2006

Freetime & Sleeptime

DH's been out of town on business all week, so my FIL offered to come over today and give me an hour or so off to do whatever I want to do. Isn't that nice of him!? My in-laws really are great.

It's so funny, knowing that I have a little block a free time on the horizon, my mind starts rolling, trying to decide what to do with it.

  • Should I go get that pedicure I keep talking about getting?
  • Are there any movies out that I really want to see?
  • Should I just spent it reading/chatting at Starbucks?
  • Do I have any errands that would be easier done on my own (now that's a good one. I should say what errands are there and do I even feel like doing them during my "free time"?)

I wish I was one of those people that immediately knew how to best spend sudden blocks of free time, but usually I grapple with the options. It is fun to think of all the possibilities though, and I suppose by doing so I'm already enjoying the time off, you know, by spending time imagining all the cool things I could do.

I'm thinking I might just do a little leisurely shopping (impossible when I'm with Lizzy, and I love to take my time shopping!) and couple that with a small errand.

I feel so nerdy getting excited about this little venture. Makes me step back and notice just how much my life has changed since becoming a mom.

Speaking of mommyhood, Lizzy has been pretty challenging this week with sleeping. Yesterday she didn't want to take her nap (she did end up sleeping for about 40 min on the sofa after I rescued her from the crib) and then she doth protest(ed?) too much at her bedtime. I knew she was tired, but she was just acting hysterical, screaming her little head off and getting the choking cough.

I went in a couple of times, but to no avail. Her birds sadly needed batteries, but that's happened before and she's been okay. I brought her downstairs and she kept saying "go" (????) which could mean LOTS of things, so very confusing.

I held her on the sofa, and, as she would start to fall asleep, she'd rouse herself up and climb down to the floor to do who knows what. After about 45 min of this, I took her upstairs to my room and laid down with her on the big bed. I sang her a couple of lullabys and she basically went right to sleep.

Time: 1015pm. She got up at 530am, so I have NO IDEA what was keeping her awake. Needless to say I was tired after 17 hours. Didn't stop me from watching Janelle get tossed out of Big Brother All Stars. damn.

Lizzy fought her nap today too, but she did eventually stop crying and fell asleep, in her crib....ahhhhh.... thankyou thankyou thankyou.

Aw well. gotta go straighten up a little bit before FIL comes on over. I'll have to report back on how I actually spent my freetime! woo hoo


Belle-ah said...

Hope you get a bit recharged. It is so hard when the DH is out of town and you are the one and only 24/7.

You do have wonderful inlaws! I am so impressed. They deserve a huge hug from all us Mommies.

Be sure to report back what you did!

MrsWndr said...

Can't wait to hear how you spent your time. It amazes me, what a few hours by yourself does to recharge. This inlaws deserve a big big thankyou!