Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dizzy Miss Lizzy

I'm still alive---just took a mini "vacation" from the blogosphere. DH was out of the country on business for 10 days. Felt more like 20. We had a massive heat wave, an ant invasion, joined a mom's group, bought a car, and ... and ... and... Well, here's the haps in brief:

1. We went to our first playgroup & joined a local mother's club--more on this in a separate post--suffice to say that the ladies are friendly and they have a lot of fun activities planned. I'm looking forward to meeting all of them--there's about 40 moms. Mom's Night Out should be one big Par-tay!

2. I finally got my laptop fixed and back from MyCorp. Turns out that Lizzy's coffee cup jamboree shorted out the motherboard (boo hoo!) but didn't harm the precious hard drive (woo hoo!). New motherboad, and all's good. Plus, I never did tell them the sad, sad story of how it all happened. Of course, someone, somewhere in computer fix-it-land knows. My computer reeked of coffee, and the brown, sticky evidence was all over my poor computer's innards.

3. Treadmill's working out great! Still trying to work up to being able to run again. It's going to take time. My (first) goal is to be able to run for 30 min. (see, I told you I was WAY out of shape).

4. Outdoor kitty is doing much better. I finally got her in the house for a couple of days. To get her to eat & drink, I added some warm water to canned tuna, and that seemed to do the trick. She's finally eating normally and isn't so sluggish. Kitties may have come from the desert, but that doesn't mean they can take 110-114 degree heat for several days. At least not my 10-year-old one. poor lil' aged feline.

5. Not really an event, more a random rambling: Ever heard the old Beatles (cover) song, Dizzy Miss Lizzy? ("You make me dizzy miss Lizzy, the way you rock and roll..."). It's not about a child--well, maybe it is, but that's another post (any Alton Brown fans out there? I love his stuff, but I digress...). The song is more about a boy going cuckoo over some girl. hey, it's an early beatles cover tune; they all kind of touch on this subject. Anyway, the title line makes me smile and think of how cuckoo Lizzy sometimes makes ME feel! :) She's so "go-go-go!" all the time. Which is so cute and so...tiring! I love how active she is and that her mind and body are so curious, energetic, and fearless. It's challenging, but so very satifying. That's more than I could say for the paid job that I just left. (I warned you that this was random & rambling!)

6. I'm currently reading To Kill A Mockingbird. Never read it before. (ahem.) Yes, I know that I have a graduate degree in English....but I just never read it before. I don't know how that happened. but now that I'm almost finished with said book, I begin to wonder the same thing: Why didn't any of my professors assign this wonderful book??? It's a disgrace. And here's the real kicker: I've never seen the movie either.

7. There's more, but I want to get this posted. I started writing this entry a couple of days ago, but blogger shut down while I was composing, so I had to try and recapture my original execptional wittiness. didn't work. stupid blogger.



Mary Tsao said...

Thanks for coming by my blog!

Glad to hear you are in a moms group. I am, too, and it's a great way to connect with other moms in real life. Blogging is good, too, but there's nothing like face time. (I remind myself of this all of the time... I tend to get sucked into the computer a lot...)

Belle-ah said...

You have been busy! BTW, what kind of car did you buy? LOL

Trish said...

Something's going on with the ants. I think they're getting full of themselves because there's yet another movie out about them. They figure they're one of us now and can just move in. hmmph.
We have been spraying the inside and outside then the next day they've found a new route to follow.
I love Alton too. He's my favorite of all.
Good luck with the running. Are you doing walk run program to work up to the 30 minutes?

Linda said...

Hi Emily Jane,
Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I am so new to this, and every time I see that someone has left a comment I get so excited. Because I am so new, I don't know how to link to something else, but here is boomama's website: Boomama.blogspot.com. Hope that works.
I absolutely love to read, and one of my favorite all-time books is To Kill A Mockingbird. My husband gave me the DVD of the movie for my birthday. I could watch it a million times and never get tired of it. Gregory Peck is perfect as are the children. You'll love it!