Friday, August 18, 2006

Oh, the places you'll go!

Lizzy's new discovery: using a stool to climb onto things.

I just had to share this series of photos I took today because it is just so darn funny. The whole series was taken in a matter of seconds.

She must have seen me using this stool in the last couple of days. Today she found it and once she figured out how to assemble it (I'm not kidding!) she carried it to all kinds of places! Here she is at her highchair. Oh, and contrary to what this looks like, I *do* feed her. real food, in fact!

and then she was stuck and needed help from "mah-mah!"

I'm having visions of her climbing onto countertops, refrigerators, you name it---getting into absolutely everything I wouldn't expect nor want her to get into.

A whole new level of parenting, literally.

O, my smart little problem solver!


Belle-ah said...

What a cute little monkey! Mom, you better watch out the world just got...uh, smaller!

Stephanie T. said...

What a resourceful girl! You are in trouble now! lol

Christina said...

That's hilarious! She's so creative - Cordy has yet to use a step-stool to get to what she wants.