Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Nano MySpace-o

Ok. I admit it. I've totally lost it with the NANO project. I know. It sucks, but it's okay. I've got about 2500 words. I could list my excuses, but I'll spare you. Just wanted to keep you in the know. What matters is that I tried. kinda. I haven't given up on the novel, just getting 50K words written by Nov 30. yeah..........

have I mentioned that we are going to Hawaii in like 10 days?????? I absolutely cannot wait.
OH MY GAWD. It's going to be so keewl to have that much time to spend with my hubby and just be ourselves no work, no little girl. I'll miss her terribly, but we so need to get away and spend some time together. We are staying in the same place we spent our honeymoon. so fantastic. the lanai is oceanfront and we can step right out onto grass that leads to the beach. man oh man. can't. wait.

After 4 months of having an account...I finally set up my MySpace page. (not sure if you can see it or not--but there's even a goofy picture of me on there--for the time being at least) It's funny how many people use myspace. Me? I have NO IDEA what to use it for, but at least now I can pretend to be hip and say, "me? oh yeah, I have a myspace page..." hahaha. I need to pick a URL name, but everything I've tried is already taken. (I know I know, big problems. WAH.) Anyway, if anyone wants to enlighten me as to what to actually DO with a myspace page, feel free. My friend told me people hook up via that thing, but obviously I don't need to do that. and you can have a blog, but...well, that's obviously not needed. Am I just taking up space over there? prolly. oh well.

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MrsWndr said...

I have a myspace page too. Can I be hip? Please! I use it to find friends from school. The only thing I blog on there are my scrapbook pages, since most of my friends don't read the real blog. I'll try and check your page out.