Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Not bad, just Stuff.

I haven't been blogging lately, and it's been good. I love keeping a blog, but real life stepped in and said "hey, pay more attention to me." Not bad, just stuff. In the month I've been on hiatus I actually took my LAST paycheck and a (sort of) vacation road trip. I say sort of b/c it was with my DH and one of his friends. Sometimes three's a crowd, kwim? It was fun doing some wheeling in Moab, some gambling in Vegas, and some looong hours driving NV's "Loneliest Road in America" (I'm not kidding). Fun to get away mostly, but I wouldn't call it a "vacation.

So, now I have no...ahem...paid job and lemme tell you that's been yet another transition. The reality of my career-kill is a bit harder than I expected. Perhaps it's more a mental leap than anything though. Just knowing that I don't have my career anymore kind of forces me to "redefine" who I am, if that makes sense. Even though I DIDN'T define myself by my career--I didn't even really think of it as a career. It really makes no sense. All of these thoughts stem from the fact that being a SAHM is completely different than going to the office everyday. Goals and acheivements are still there, but they are WAY wacky. All over the board & chaotic is how I would describe it. So unlike my previous job where things were much more structured and somewhat predictable and process-oriented-to-death, now I need to re-think how to plan and complete goals. Suffice to say, it's been a messy few weeks as far as that goes.

Anyhoo---what I've missed most about blogging--aside from all your brilliant comments of course--is not having a record of what's been going on with me and my darling Lizzy.

She's made a lot of progress just in the past month it seems. She's attempting to talk more-- even mimics words that she's heard for the first time. Well, she's starting to do that; it's still a fairly random event, but it's a start. I know she understands so much of what we're saying too. Nice, but a little scary. Certain words can now trigger an intense reaction, like playground, park, walk, eat, and of course, no.

oh yeah, she's starting to say "no" and I need to keep reminding myself that this IS a good thing.

Glad to be back. It feels good to open up the writing bottle again--I missed it more than I thought I did. Writing is amazingly cathartic.

So are Lizzy's naps...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. (Just sleep. pretty please??! Mommy NEEDs you to nap. Mommy...I mean you...er...will feel so much better after a nice, long nap...)

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