Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Dear God! Dear Hubby to Work Again??!!

here's to blah blah BLAHgging! I'm happy to report that my boss is working from home today (she claims she's writing focal reviews, but weeeee know what's REEEEEEALLY going on--it's finally sunny out & warm, you see), so needless to say, it's a party around here. Evidently people find obtuse joy in chanting "raise! raise! raise! raise!" every ten minutes. Um, boss lady's out today, folks: she can't hear you. I just say WOO HOO to all bosses staying home and giving their employees raises. Ah, the joy. Makes me want to leave early—like now, at 10:53 AM—but, I'll refrain. I'll wait until at least noon.

Ok, as the title indicates----Dear Hubby (DH) took a job offer last night----dear God!---and it's throwing my brief semblance of work-life-motherhood balance off-kilter. Don't get me wrong--it's great news, but it makes me start the whole "should-I-quit-and-be-a-stay-home-mom (SAHM)" question again. Just when I've started to settle back into the work routine again. It's just like life to throw these kinds of curve balls at PRECISELY the most annoying time possible. ARGH. Yes, I'm being dramatic. I'm entitled. Pardon me while I burst. Do you have the listen to me whine...? sorry, non-seq song references that come into my head may randomly appear on the screen for no apparent rhyme or reason. deal.

Now I am presented this two-way junction: to work or not to work. To be the quintessential, angelic SAHM (who am I kidding) or to shuffle my Dear Daughter (DD) off to some koo-koo-roo daycare. ugh. I shutter at the choice now presented to my already disturbed self. what to do...what to do.
Hmm, might be time for a Starbucks run...

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